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Think what's written on your site doesn't matter? Think again!
A couple of small changes from my good friend and talented copywriter Brian Cassingena has helped produced these results in a matter of days.
Still early days but I can already see a striking improvement in conversions (leads being generated) as a direct result of his new and improved copy.
Better conversion rate = More money in the bank for clients!
Exact conversation with them earlier today:
"What the heck did you do to get it performing so well?"

Jos Aguiar

“6 Figure Payday From A FREE Event!”
I hired Brian to write the sales copy for our V.I.P. ‘upsell’page for the seminar with Dr John De Martini, World Internet Summit co-founder Bret McFall and international adventurer Nik Halik …and we were blown away with the result! Writing just one piece of the puzzle, the upsell page, (remember this seminar was a free event…), enough people bought the V.I.P. package right there and then to give me a 6 figure payday!

John Anderson
Seminar Promoter

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