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IQI Real Estate Annual Conference 2017

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​About our Product

​"Brian's pack explains very clearly how to apply principles of direct response marketing.

The audio CDs make it easy to listen through the content and, as someone very new to eBay, I got lots of good tips out of it which I will soon be putting into practice" 

Stuart Dawson, Ph.D.

Business Analyst at Misoft Consulting

The Sales Letter Is Converting At 8.29% . . . In A ‘Weird’ Little Niche
I found Brian and got him to write the sales letter for And even without much promotion, sales are coming in and the sales letters is converting at 8.29% . . . in a ‘weird’ little niche . . . even though the letter had to be ‘toned down’ to suit Google Adwords and Clickbank!

Louie Alcantara

​​"The Best Thing I Ever Bought On Ebay!"

"..An Absolute Must For Anyone Thinking About Starting An Online Business. It's Worth 10 Times More Than I Paid For It. There's Real Gems In There, Not Just Empty Promises. An Absolute Gem!"

Jason Benson

eBay ID: newpower_marketing

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