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Brian Cassingena Reviewed 

These are real unsolicited reviews and comments about Brian's work. 

Results are not typical and your results may vary. Using my strategies in no way guarantees that money will fall from the sky and you will become rich.

However... if you're cool, if you do stuff and work hard, you will enjoy better than average results, just as in the following customer reviews...

Real customer reviews:

Brian Cassingena Just sent me his BRILLIANT Report for our soon-to-be-released viral marketing promotion... Brian - your report will impact lives all over the world! Can't thank you enough. You have revealed priceless gems of money making knowledge!

Chris Bloor

"When you want to hit a home run with your next sales letter, advert or email sales copy, do yourself a favor and invest in Brian . . . let him loose on your project because he has the ability to
turn lemons in lemonade for you."

Trevor 'ToeCracker' Crook

Copywriter and International Public Speaker

​"A couple of small changes from Brian and I can already see a striking improvement in conversions. Exact conversation with the client earlier today: What the heck did you do to get it performing so well?"

Jos Aguiar

I used your letter, it was converting at 5% initially, and then the trial offer was converting at 20% before the economy completely tanked.
The ezine ad you wrote was very effective, and that coupled with the sales letter (no pre-selling through autoresponder) brought in nearly $1k in 2 days from a single highly targeted JV.

Chris Cade


“I Cannot Recommend Brian Strongly Enough For All Your Marketing Problems”
"I was skeptical at first about all this ebay marketing stuff, I thought eBay was a place to buy weird items and used clothing. But Brian's eBay SuperSeller System really opened my eyes about attracting new customers into my business automatically, and making money while I sleep.
Now I can use ebay to bring in new clients from around the world and get paid while doing it instead of paying hundreds for advertising that doesn't even work. His marketing style creates a sale where there was none to be had and this system not only lays out all the facts but even gives you instant tools to get started with none of the work effort or creativity you expect from other business models. I cannot recommend Brian strongly enough for all your marketing problems."

Helen Shao

Fiducian Financial Services Sydney, Au

He is a man of many many talents…

One of which is magically transforming short emails into hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Proud to announce Brian Cassingena is on the AdSkills team.  I haven’t written an email in months, it’s all been his wordsmithing.

And boy has our bank accounts enjoyed every minute of it! 

Now maybe he’ll update his FB profile from “former Mindvalley guy” to “Copy Chief at AdSkills”.

Justin Brooke

Founder of Adskill.com

​I met Brian in Bangkok at a marketing event... some of you may now, I pretty much harassed him into mentoring me (he rarely takes on students)...within the very first coaching call, he’d showed me where I was leaving a ton of money on the table with my email marketing.  He showed me a simple way to increase my click through rates by 3x...which means every single email I now write generates three times the revenue...all this from just the very first session. Can’t wait to carry on my mentoring journey with him, and looking forward to landing my big fish client in September with his help.

Mitali Deypurkaystha


“6 Figure Payday From A FREE Event!”

I hired Brian to write the sales copy for our V.I.P. ‘upsell’page for the seminar with Dr John De Martini, World Internet Summit co-founder Bret McFall and international adventurer Nik Halik …and we were blown away with the result! Writing just one piece of the puzzle, the upsell page, (remember this seminar was a free event…), enough people bought the V.I.P. package right there and then to give me a 6 figure payday!

John Anderson

Seminar Promoter
Sydney, Australia

"$10,000 In Sales In A Month And Still Counting"

"Brian created an eBay listing for Personalised Chocolates 4U and we put it up to sell our information packs on eBay. We had sold a number of those packs before we realised that we'd only put up half the listing - we missed out half the copy and people still bought!
And when we put up the entire listing, well now we've sold 38 packs, and from that information pack, we've subsequently sold 5 franchises for a total of $10,000! All this in only 1 month, and there's no reason why this is going to change anytime soon.

Thanks Brian!"

Troy Patching

Head Business Coach
Personalised Chocolates 4U

Chris Barnard

Marketing Director for Jay Geier

“…It Will Beat Our Control”

“Brian is quite possibly THE most talented copywriter I’ve ever worked with for less than $10,000. I guarantee you will be rushing to test his copy and from what I can tell, it will beat our control. The man has obviously spent a number of years honing his craft and learning from the masters, because it showed throughout the copy. Our company will no longer be searching for a copywriter to help launch products, we have FOUND HIM. I suggest you book your project fast before we keep him so busy he couldn’t dream of taking on new clients.

Louie Alcantara


The Sales Letter Is Converting At 8.29% . . . In A ‘Weird’ Little Niche

I found Brian and got him to write the sales letter for DogBreedingAcademy.com. And even without much promotion, sales are coming in and the sales letters is converting at 8.29% . . . in a ‘weired’ little niche . . . even though the letter had to be ‘toned down’ to suit Google Adwords and Clickbank!

Stuart Dawson, Ph.D.

"Burn Your Way To Millions”, VIC

"Brian's pack explains very clearly how to apply principles of direct response marketing. The audio CDs make it easy to listen through the content and, as someone very new to eBay, I got lots of good tips out of it which I will soon be putting into practice"

Jason Benson

eBay ID: newpower_marketing

"The Best Thing I Ever Bought On Ebay!"

"..An Absolute Must For Anyone Thinking About Starting An Online Business. It's Worth 10 Times More Than I Paid For It. There's Real Gems In There, Not Just Empty Promises. An Absolute Gem!"

Chris Carr


"Don't risk loosing your Customers, invest in Brian
Cassingena's Manual before your competitors do!" 

Chen Tay

Chiropractor & Consultant, Ballina, NSW

"Quickest and Easiest Way To Automate Your Ebay Business"

"If you are selling digital products and don't want to keep emailing your products, then you must get Brian's product. It's the quickest and easiest way to automate your eBay business. Brian will show you how to eliminate the frustrations and save lots of money with digital downloads. Packed with great selling and marketing information, grab this bargain before he raises the price."