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Brian Cassingena, Head of

Brian Cassingena, Head of

Brian Cassingena

High Conversion Specialist

Brian is the secret weapon behind a number of world class experts - including’s Justin Brooke and Mindvalley’s Vishen Lakhiani.

His marketing campaigns have generated at least $35 Million over the past few years - and he’s only taken on a very small number of clients.

A 17-year Veteran of High Converting campaigns, Brian spends his time working on projects he loves, living the international lifestyle with his wife. 

An international speaker, published author, consultant and High Conversion specialist, Brian is dedicated to boosting the sales and profits of smart companies everywhere.

How To Contact

 The team at is a 100% remote team. Our office is anyplace with an internet connection and coffee. 

  • Best contact method - email: brian @ funnelinfluence .com. Our Project Manager Shyrell will reply within 24hrs Mon-Fri
  • Secondary - Phone: +66 08 3062 0637 (Blocked numbers will go to voicemail)

Meet The Team

Location independent entrepreneur, professional speaker, writer, musician and American burger fan

Brian Cassingena

Head of

Our one and only Social Media Manager who manages all our social media channels

Paula Kristina

Social Media Manager

The One Who Makes Stuff Happen. The Boss of: projects, schedules, podcast, outsourcers, pretty much everything

Shyrell Espinoza

Project Manager

Video editor with the magic touch. Julia creates the amazing videos you see here and on social media

Julia Chistolinova

Video Editor


The art & science of Funnel Influence began in 2003 when I discovered direct response marketing - and nothing was ever the same again. I began selling online, writing copy and was writing funnels before 'funnels' was even a thing...

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"When you want to hit a home run with your next sales letter, advert or email sales copy, do yourself a favor and invest in Brian . . . let him loose on your project because he has the ability to
turn lemons in lemonade for you."

Trevor 'Toecracker' Crook

"A couple of small changes from Brian and I can already see a striking improvement in conversions. Exact conversation with the client earlier today: What the heck did you do to get it performing so well?"

Jos Aguiar

Brian Cassingena Just sent me his BRILLIANT Report for our soon-to-be-released viral marketing promotion... Brian - your report will impact lives all over the world! Can't thank you enough. You have revealed priceless gems of money making knowledge!

Chris Bloor

“219 Responses From 647 Faxes – a 33.85% Response”

“After struggling to find a marketing method that actually works, I've finally found it! Brian Cassingena, he’s the guy you need to write your stuff. He wrote my sales letter, ads, set up my website designed the strategy.

I've just been amazed at how easily this emotional direct response marketing works and how many clients have called me! I sent out a retiree ad via fax to 647 people and have already received 219 requests for the report and of these we have made appointments.

What is so great about using the free report method is that the ground work is already done for you. After the prospects have read the report they are calling up desperate to make an appointment and to get more information! This style of marketing really works”

Glenn Korn

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