Instant Copy Templates: Makes Copywriting Easy

STOP building your own funnels and writing your own copy from scratch - follow these step-by-step templates to have your very own 7-figure funnels in minutes

From Brian Cassingena

Mindvalley’s chief funnel copywriter

Right now, smart entrepreneurs like you are rolling out funnel after big money funnel, using a simple blueprint that virtually guarantees their success.

You are looking at that blueprint right now.

Here’s how this came about...

I remember it like it was yesterday.

In 2005 and 2006 I was running a fun little eBay business. It wasn’t enough to retire on just yet, but I’d found an interesting way to hack the system to get eBay to build me an email list on autopilot.

Back then they let you fulfill eBooks through their system, so you didn’t have to sit at your computer and manually email the product to your customers. It all worked on autopilot, so I’d sell these $1 eBooks and my list just kept growing. I wish I had thought to take some screenshots!

I really thought I was onto something - but I just couldn’t monetize this growing new list. I knew the target market was right, I had good offers, and I’d been writing copy for a while. But something was missing…

My wife was really coming down hard as well.

Enter your text here...

This was starting to look like the latest in a long string of business ideas that never actually turned into money

I was wondering how many more ‘ideas’ she’d put up with before she’d had enough.

There wasn’t much money around for this kind of thing, but we both dug deep and started investing in ads, a top shelf autoresponder, designers for graphics, we spent $1,000+ we barely had to get this thing up and running.

This story doesn’t end well…

Not only did I lose that $1,000, I stubbornly refused to give up and kept spending money on the ads and another month of platforms and services, hoping this list would eventually produce a customer. $2,000+ later…

I was broke and had to go back into the job market just to make ends meet.

I blamed myself.

I thought my products were no good.

I thought everything I knew about copywriting was wrong.

I thought that nobody wanted to hear from me - that it was something personal.

I thought I’d betrayed and let down my wife who had supported me through thick and thin.

I was embarrassed by my results. And I had no idea what went wrong.

Remember now, I was stubborn. Still am.

So for the longest time I didn’t want to change what I was doing.

That was until I finally started working with a copywriting mentor who helped me turn everything around

If you’ve ever generated leads online, if you’ve had a list and not made money from it, even if you’ve got a network of contacts that’s not making you a cent, tomorrow’s post will explain why… and how to fix it.

You can literally have the best ads, the most beautiful landing pages, the coolest opt-in bribes, but if you’re not communicating with them in a way that’s likely to produce engagement and most importantly revenue, then you have a hobby, rather than a business.

I had to learn that the hard way… and it almost cost me everything.

I lost over $2,000 trying to promote my first “funnel”, if you could call it that. It drove me back to “Gainful Employment For The Man”. Didn’t get me many points in my relationship with my wife, either.

I came to realize I’d made 3 mistakes you can’t afford to make if you are trying to make a funnel WORK

I was focused on all the wrong things. I thought that being a big-shot copywriter would mean my words would automatically suck cash from wallets. Hell, thinking that I WAS a big-shot copywriter at the time was one of my many mistakes.

I spent far too much time, and tons of money on setting up systems that were doomed to failure, because of the 3 major mistakes I’m about to describe for you.

And after I went through all that… nothing. We’ve all been there - when you think you have everything sorted, and then make exactly 0 sales.

I wanted to quit internet marketing. I wondered if it was a scam all the gurus were in on. I wanted to give copywriting away. I thought nobody wanted to hear from me. To read the words I’d carefully crafted. To pay any attention at all.

So I want to explain what those 3 mistakes are, and make sure you avoid them so you never fall into the trap I did.

>> Mistake #1: Trying too many ninja tricks and complicated stuff

I used to think that being a computer engineer was an advantage to building an online business. And for some, it is. Just look at Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and others. But for me, I arrogantly got in my own way and it showed.

See, I tried to be that guy who pops up with a brilliant setup that literally sucks the cash out of people’s pockets with amazing automated technology, bells and whistles, all that stuff. Remember my eBay list-building system? Sure, I thought it was totally ninja, but the people joining my list didn’t care.

They just wanted the information I had and they wanted me to give it to them, many of them were happy to pay money for it.

But no, I had to set up a whole complex system that kept breaking down, losing leads, not sending emails, I wasn’t tracking anything throughout my funnels, so I had no idea where people were dropping out.

One of the most powerful things i learned from the whole experience was Simplicity. I now use and teach the 80/20 of funnel copywriting, that’s how I and my paying students now create successful funnels at will.

>> Mistake #2: I was being Stupid Cheap

Here’s a real noodle-scratcher for you - how did I manage to throw away thousands of dollars, while still managing to be a cheapskate?

It was about my choices - I had no problem outsourcing designs, getting content written by native English speakers, but when it came to my autoresponder? Nope, cheapest there is, I was always looking for a better ‘free tier’ - Autoresponders have improved but back then, their free tiers were very limited.

I even tried a full email marketing platform I downloaded from a pirate site - but I’m convinced you self-sabotage every time when you steal like that, which is probably why it never produced a single cent. WordPress of course for my website - but since I was a computer engineer, I thought I could design and build all my pages myself.

>> Mistake #3: Reinventing the wheel

I also thought I was the smartest and most creative marketer ever. I had visions of being celebrate as a genius who invented some kind of marketing system. Delusions of grandeur.

So I set about building all the new things. I borrow elements around the place, but I thought I knew better than those who came before me. And while I eventually tested and worked my way to some winning systems, as long as I tried to reinvent the wheel, I ended up just spinning my wheels.

You could spend weeks or months trying to build funnels in this way, as I did. And then spend big dollars trying to get the thing to work, as I did.

Or you could do what I do now...

Which is pretty much the exact opposite of the 3 mistakes I just outlined here.

Once I got over myself and started following the systems, plans and templates that had been laid out for me, once I realized the path trod before me was there for a reason, that’s when everything changed.

The right funnel can turn every $1 you invest into $2, $5, $20, $50, $100 or more

The right funnel makes it easy to build out and implement projects quickly and easily, without stress.

The right funnel makes it easy to succeed online.

But there’s a big problem.

90% of funnels fail. They lose money.

So you put together your landing page, your emails, your sales page, turn on the traffic… and nothing.

Even if people do opt in - they don’t buy.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the good news… there’s a reason this happens, and it has nothing to do with being a good copywriter, or tech wizard, or having beautiful designs, or any of that.

It’s all about using Templates

Templates are simply outlines of funnels, pages, emails, that show you what goes where.

See, if you get a lead but the funnel doesn’t move them towards a buying scenario, that’s it. Game over. Doesn’t matter how good your subject lines are. Doesn’t matter how unique your product is.

So many people fall into the same trap that I did.

I’ve been having some interesting conversations with your guys this week, like Arthur who wrote “I truly can relate to this. I'm a software engineer, I also thought my background would help me in online business. But I got blinded and tried to do everything my own way instead of following what already worked”

Outsourcing expert Charmaine said “Great points and all true. Finishing my set up of this atm and keeping it simple.”

Or Ben who said “I want to start a direct response marketing business. I love learning about copywriting. Could be my blue ocean”

Looks like I wasn’t alone when I said I tried to out-techie the competition with a burning desire to get it right.

But like I said, you’re just a template or two away from turning $1 into $2, $5, $10 and more, with the right funnel.

That’s all it takes.

This helps you avoid the 3 mistakes we talked about yesterday, here they are again:

Mistake #1: Ninja tricks instead of simplicity

Mistake #2: Being stupid cheap

Mistake #3: Reinventing the wheel

Instead of making these 3 mistakes, use a template to shortcut the whole process and get you making money a lot faster than I did.

You remember how I had my little auto-ebay business, building my list on autopilot? Believe me, if I had this funnel for them to go through, things would have been very different in my household.

The problem is we don’t usually have time to sit down and come up with something like this, right? And it leaves us with red-hot leads who aren’t sold what they want to buy, because our funnel is wrong.

Of course, there’s a lot more to putting together a funnel than just this one strategy…

Once you’ve got an idea of the journey you want to take them through, there are still important questions such as:

- How to I write all this copy if I’m not a trained copywriter?

- What exactly do I put in each email?

- How do I create an email that gets a high response?

- What about my offer, how do I write a sales pages that sells without hiring a 5-figure copywriter?

- What are some tips a non-copywriter can use to write copy easily?

When you want answers to these questions, and you want to be given the exact process and templates for them, I can help.

I’ve just put the finishing touches on a brand new tool that gives you, on a silver platter, the exact layout of an entire funnel and sales page.

It’s called Instant Copy Templates and it makes it so simple to create money-making emails, sales pages and funnels, a 12-year-old could put one together in a day, and be making money that afternoon.

Here’s where the Instant Copy Templates came from:

Earlier this month, a funnel I wrote 3 years ago was relaunched to the same list for like the 4th or 5th time, and it made $690,817 in a week. In April, an email funnel I wrote made $243,053 directly from clicks through from those emails. Just The Emails. In Feb, $190k. Jan, $224k.

That first funnel I mentioned? First launch in Dec 2015 did $1.4 million, but i’ll take $690k anyday. I’ve also gotten Evergreen funnels to work a bit - A meditation funnel did $1.2 Million in 2017, and 7 figures in 2016 too. I wrote & implemented funnels that tripled the Evergreen revenue that year, too.

I’m not saying this to impress you. Plenty of people have done greater things, bigger numbers, but I list them here so you know I’m not just copying something from a book I read, I’ve done this and gotten the results.

If you’re frustrated by funnels that aren’t delivering for you, or if you want to level up what you’re currently doing, then please read this entire post. I’ll keep this post as short as I can, but it’s important I have to give you all the details.

Especially with the time-sensitive information I have for you today.

Imagine this scenario…

I can remember being 12 years old, my younger brother and sister playing with those paint-by-numbers books, coloring in the spaces with our little 10-pot water color pallette. Brightly colored horses, cows, barns and farmhouses littered the living room floor that winter’s evening.

They were having a great time. I could never stand those things.

Looking back, I felt ‘boxed in’, restricted, held back, I’d much rather be free to color in whatever the hell I wanted, in whichever color I damn well pleased.

This rebellious drive is probably what cost me so much when it came to making money online - I know for a fact if I’d had a paint-by-numbers system to follow back then, I would’ve made so much more progress, a lot quicker.

I almost gave up on the idea of running an online business back then, because of the failure I experienced.

But your story does not have to end that way.

I was forced to figure out what was wrong with the way I was communicating to my leads, and the way I was managing them as a lead.

Fortunately I found a way, and so here we are.

It was my funnels, all along.

At first I had ZERO funnels. I was committing that all-too-common crime of not mailing my list. I had no system to do so.

Then, I started to realize you had to actually follow up with your leads. I started to send out something, which was awful at first, but still better than nothing.

And slowly I put better copy & more structure into place, through years of testing & measuring I found ways to get more leads in, and keep each new customer coming back for more.

Just as important: I found ways to create sales pages that SOLD my customers on a regular basis, one of the most important pieces of a funnel.

When you’ve got even just one funnel template that works:

-You don’t have to learn how to write copy like an expert -copywriter

-You don’t need to pay 5-figures to hire one either

-You don’t have to learn how to put together million dollar sales messages

-You don’t need to come up with a new funnel

-You don’t need to be an expert at selling

You don’t even need any experience in business, because the funnel is doing all the work for you.

Look, a funnel is hands down the best tool to start, build & scale an online business…

If you have funnels that work.

This is why I created Instant Copy Templates.

It’s a brand new set of ready-to-go funnel templates that literally give you the structure and the copy you need to create a funnel which converts leads into buyers.

And it’s finally ready.

But it’s not a course.

It’s not collection of long-winded videos explaining concepts and strategies you don’t need yet.

It’s not a program of long, daily videos which you have to study, make notes about, or take exams on.

This is simply my proven templates that I personally follow, for creating the funnels I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

There’s 3 main parts to what you’re getting today:

>> Part 1: The Email Template.

This is where you get your system for following up up with your leads for maximum results. It’s a complex system made simple for those who don’t have time for complex systems.

You’ll discover:

-Your blueprint to put together 3 compelling sales emails which are designed to be your first MVF - Minimum Viable Funnel - that will bring in more sales than ever before

-Exactly where your images should go in each email, where the copy goes and what it looks like - makes it easy to write powerful emails even if you’ve never written a word of copy in your life

-Wondering how to get more clicks? THIS IS BIG: This template contains my ‘Sweet Spot’ layout - and you guessed it, this Sweet Spot gets most of the clicks. The Email Template shows you right where it is and what to put there

-How to get more people to download the free thing they signed up for - because the more they consume your materials, the more likely they are to buy more

-The 4 types of links you can have in an email - each type increases the chances your lead will click on one of them, so make sure you don’t miss any of them out

-How to get your leads to increase your chances or landing in their inbox instead of ‘promotions’ or SPAM - this automatically boosts your open rates

-What is the #1 thing you should end each email with? It’s not a ‘P.S.’ - although this item is in the PS if you use one. Miss this and your readers will click through LESS

And a lot more. This isn’t just a template for one email - it’s your template for creating a simple funnel which converts leads to buyers.

Full Value: $67

>> Part 3: BONUS: The 12 Beliefs Of Copywriting Checklist.

Here’s something which is virtually guaranteed to boost your response rates in every part of your funnel - the 12 Beliefs Your Prospect Needs To Believe In Order For Them To Buy.

In this powerful document, I’ve listed 12 beliefs that every prospect in every market has to believe, otherwise they’ll refuse to purchase. Some are simple, such as trust-based beliefs about your product or company, but others are surprising in that they make a lot of sense, but are not at all obvious until you consider them.

This touches on the powerful triggers you need to include in any marketing piece:


-Landing pages

-Sales pages


-Upsell pages


-Video Sales Letters

-Even live presentations or 1-on-1 sales calls

Many of these were born and molded in direct selling, where you eat or not based on whether you can get someone to give you money right there and then.

In sales, you have the luxury of talking with someone to discover which of these 12 beliefs you need to convince them of - online you can’t do this, so in almost all cases you must use all 12 beliefs.

Full Value: $59

That’s a total of $225 in value - and once I do release these products, that’s what they’ll sell for.

Then again - what would it cost to get a pro copywriter to write you 3 emails and a sales page? The top guys would charge $25,000 plus royalties or even more. Even the most basic funnel from me starts at $10,000 - $15,000.

And any copywriter you can dig up from the depths of the warrior forum, or the Clickfunnels FB group who would write a funnel for anywhere near $225, well, any sales you might make from this funnel would be purely coincidental.

But I’m not asking for $225, even though it would obviously be a no-brainer at that price.

It’s not even $100 - even though if my templates can’t turn good traffic into sales of $100, I should just pack up and go home right now. (I’m thinking more like $1000 at an absolute minimum - and then keep promoting… another $1000, another, and another, and so on…

Package Value Just: $67

Then there’s my guarantee:

I guarantee Instant Copy Templates for 1 Whole Month.

That’s right, you have 30 full days to go through everything, check out the templates, plug in your details, run some tests and see if they work or not.

You decide for yourself - and let the results be judge, jury and executioner. If you run good traffic to this funnel, it will work, I promise you personally.

But there’s no requirement for this, you don’t need to tell me anything about any tests you have or haven’t done.

For any reason - or for no reason at all, even if you just don’t like the color of the covers, or the way I lay things out - at any time within the next 30 days, you can email and request a refund.

I won’t ask you to ‘prove’ you’ve tried the templates. If for any reason (or for no reason at all) these aren’t a fit for you, I’m happy to send you a prompt and courteous refund.

We’ll still be on great terms, I’ll be happy to have you stay in my tribe, and you’ll be free to purchase anything I sell at any time in the future. No hard feelings 🙂

Act fast! Don't Miss This Golden Chance....

Grab your Instant Copy Templates right now.

With these new tools, you’ll never be faced with the problem of converting your leads to money again.


P.S. You’ve just found the way to instantly create a compelling sales funnel that sells - with Instant Copy Templates. Just plug in your details and you’re done.

P.P.S. Don’t forget about the full, no-questions-asked 30 day money-back guarantee. You don’t need to make a decision on this today - all you have to do is take a look at the templates, and if they’re not right for you - just contact brian @ funnelinfluence .com