Funnel Influence: Turns Traffic Into Profit is dedicated to helping YOU create simple, highly profitable sales & marketing funnels based on models and systems we've tested with millions of dollars in traffic spend. 

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Brian Cassingena


The art & science of Funnel Influence began in 2003 when I discovered direct response marketing - and nothing was ever the same again. I began selling online, writing copy and was writing funnels before 'funnels' was even a thing...

"When you want to hit a home run with your next sales letter, advert or email sales copy, do yourself a favor and invest in Brian . . . let him loose on your project because he has the ability to
turn lemons in lemonade for you."

Trevor 'Toecracker' Crook

"A couple of small changes from Brian and I can already see a striking improvement in conversions. Exact conversation with the client earlier today: What the heck did you do to get it performing so well?"

Jos Aguiar

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