Dave Miz

This week on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we have web designer-to-the-gurus (back in the day, purveyor of righteous memes, King Of Online Dating and eCom copywriting genius: Dave Miz.

On this episode:

  • Dave’s early “pivot” to Warrior Forum web design that landed clients like Armand Morin and Frank Kern
  • How Dave took the only thing he was actually good at – meeting girls – launched it as an info product to a list of 1788, and made $33K in a day
  • The ‘Cadence’ trap so many copywriters fall into… how to bring the surprise and mystique back into your emails

Dave left a 6-figure Wall St job to become an entrepreneur, got busy and has crushed it ever since. He is now the wizard behind the marketing campaigns of his clients and is The Man who can help us all Scale With Email!

Full episode & resources at https://GeniusesOfCopywriting.com/dave-miz