Nik Thakorlal

This week on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we have one of the most genius marketers I know, Nik Thakorlal, creator of the amazing LeadsHook quiz platform.

On this episode:

  • How Nik went from a career in high finance (zzzzz) to sharing the stage (and the Vodka bars) with Bond Halbert, John Carlton, Trevor ToeCracker Crook and other marketing legends
  • Wisdom and insights collected on what’s working online now, after reviewing 3,000 funnels
  • The secret to surveys and quizzes that allow you to do your market research on the fly so you can launch NOW and refine later

At ToeCracker’s event in Poland Nik was one of the most insightful and informative speakers there, with a depth of knowledge of marketing and copywriting that puts most so-called ‘gurus’ in the shade.

And his powerful LeadsHook software customizes your funnel like regular quiz platforms… but in a far more powerful and unique way that can scale your marketing up to 10,000 leads a day or more.

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Founder of funnel building company, Brian is Mindvalley's former senior copywriter & funnel builder, entrepreneur, published author, international speaker and the youngest looking 15 year veteran in the industry.