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Creative Copywriting – make your personality shine through in your copy

Copy & paste statuses are the lowest form of marketing.

Lower than a gecko's nutsack.

I've been busy removing people who have been posting that stupid Initiative Q status.

These are mostly random knobheads.

But there's another one going around some peeps who I consider beloved friends.

As a copywriter I see this as being lazy af.

Mentally lazy.

But you don't have to have 15 yrs of training to see there's a million miles of improvement to be had.

Is it that hard to change the text around a bit, at least have a go at trying to camoflage it?

You think people ain't following all of you who are posting it?

Unfortunately, as the late great Gary C Halbert said, there's always plenty of money in the business opportunity niche. Absolute noobs. People just starting out.

That's why these things fester and spread.

You don't have to be a trained copywriter to put in a few minutes of effort to tweak the copy they give you.

You don't have to know 163 headline formulas.

You don't have to do a deep dive into what makes the prospect tick and how to push their hot buttons.

So why is it so hard to change a few words around, to stand out?

It ain't.

Take a few minutes to come up with something a bit original.

Don't drink the Kool Aid of "Just copy what works even if it seems like just copying"

Cause it is.

Be yourself.

Show yourself in your post.

People respond to that.

Allow YOU to shine through.

You'll be surprised where that gets you.

Some of the most creative ideas you’ll get are from podcasts, and there’s no better place to go that the Geniuses of Copywriting podcast.

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