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Lukas Resheske

Geniuses of Copywriting podcast with special guest expert and world class copywriter Lukas Resheske.Discover the secrets of his copywriting success in this episode as he reveals his methods. 

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Geniuses Of Copywriting – Zachary J Babcock

Geniuses of Copywriting podcast episode: Zachary Babcock – Zachary Babcock has an amazing story, from serving time, to becoming one of the best marketers around with an amazing podcast of his own.Tune in to this episode to discover his secrets of copywriting success.

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Geniuses Of Copywriting – Lo Morgan

Lorrie Morgan is the owner of Red Hot Copy, and the genius behind many high converting offers. A former Hollywood actress, she has a unique perspective on copywriting psychology that’s enabled her to rise to the top of the industry, with high demand for her services. In this episode, she reveals the secrets behind her […]

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Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast with special guest expert David Garfinkel

David Garfinkel is known as the world’s best copywriting coach.He’s helped copywriters and businesses in more than 100 industries increase their profits through better copywriting, including one business that brought in $40M from a three-page sales letter he wrote. His book, Breakthrough Copywriting, is a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

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Geniuses Of Copywriting – Carlos Redlich

No copywriting podcast would be complete without world class copywriter Carlos Redlich. A sales pro and master persuader, Carlos discusses his strategies for getting and keeping high-paying retainer clients and creating an amazing income in this way. Plus we talk about the art of making the sale, what it takes to sell something and how to […]

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