Copywriting careers have a trajectory

Copywriting careers have a trajectory

What’s your career trajectory?

I’m not talking about intern -> CEO.

➡️ All of our careers have a trajectory.

We’re going someplace. Usually with some peeps.

I haven’t systematised this much – but what I do know is this:

You get to choose the someplace, and the peeps.

Feeling like you’re working for or with the wrong people?

Does it seem like you’re not cut out for what you’re doing?

Seems like you always end up doing something ‘just for a few bucks’ while your “true calling” is always around the next corner?

You’re not choosing your optimum career trajectory.

There’s a few simple actions you can take.

1️⃣ Define what you will do for money and what you won’t do. Write that shit down. It’s important.

2️⃣ Define what kind of people you will and won’t work for, or with. Create avatars and characters, flesh them out.

3️⃣ Use the above 2 points as a filter. Every time you come to a fork in the road, put the decision through your filter.

Is this the kind of person you want to work with?

Do they sell the kind of product you want to be associated with?

Is the deal they are offering, the kind of work you can jump into with passion and fire, or is it a ‘necessary evil’? 😈

Run everything through this filter.

If it doesn’t pass, don’t do it.

Here’s the real pro tip for this: Do it before you can “afford to”.

The truth is that the time when you can “afford to” doesn’t come before you start doing this – it comes as a result of it.

But most people think the opposite way. The cause an effect of the physical world. Standard science that has been taught in dusty old school textbooks since before quantum physics was discovered.

This is especially important for copywriters and service providers.

People out there want you to do their grunt work.

The work they won’t do.

The work that is “beneath them”.

The work that 3 other freelancers have already turned down.

The work that could reflect poorly on you in years to come.

Long after the cash you made from the deal has evaporated.

This isn’t easy. I don’t sell easy answers. You can get easy answers on the Warrior Forum, if that thing still exists. Or in the CF group.

But any money you make from these easy answers will be purely coincidental.

Winners make the hard decisions nobody else has the balls to make.

I don’t claim to be perfect myself, but I have my filter and I’m getting better at saying no to easy money with potential hidden strings.

Just keep working on making your filter stronger and get used to using it for everything.

What’s happened for me is that people who aren’t a fit for me, fall away.

Deals that I shouldn’t do, appear less often.

And I am getting better at filtering out people and deals I shouldn’t be in.

If you’re thinking you’re stuck in a quagmire and can’t get out, having a superpower like building funnels might help.

I’ve described in detail how I’ve built multiple 6 and 7 figure funnels for Mindvalley and other businesses.

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