Offer Trumps

Offer Trumps Copy

✅ Offer Trumps Copy. 💰

If a copywriter claims they can sell anything with their ‘magic words’, they’re naive or lying.

✍️ Copywriters are not ‘wordsmiths’.

We don’t conjure up a magical combination of words that mysteriously causes people to buy a product.

This is the opposite of much of the advice I’ve seen over the years when it comes to writing copy:

The best copy comes from an amazing or unique product. 🤯

This is something that less secure copywriters won’t tell you.

Because they want you to think they have some magical ability to convert prospects into customers.

Not that just anybody can do this – you need to study copy hard, learn the ropes, invest in your education, if you want to write successful copy and get paid for it.

But just because you hire a pro copywriter doesn’t guarantee sales.

Even if the writer manages to create an awesome pitch, if your product sucks, maybe you can look forward to high refund rates in the near future.

If you are a copywriter who does this for clients, you can look forward to a move back into the 9-5 job market yourself.

But there’s more to this, for those who really want big results as a copywriter…

👨‍⚕️ Become a prescriber of solutions, not a producer of product.

e.g. if I get on a call with you about a potential project, there’s no doubt you got your ideas on what needs to be done.

You want to get people on to a webinar, because you know you can pitch your $997 course and make bank.

So you want a webinar landing page, pre and post webinar emails, the usual stuff.

And you know how much you wanna pay for all this.

But if we start talking and I can see this ain’t gonna work, you can’t pay me enough to take on the project in it’s current form.

Cause I’d just be taking your money, producing a product, and hoping you somehow get miraculous results so you don’t end up hating me.

On our call, I’m going to diagnose your core problem, and I’m gonna prescribe the correct solution. ⛑️

Let’s say that you don’t have the unique or amazing angle that it takes these days to make a webinar work on the front end.

So not only am I not gonna take on the webinar copywriting gig – I’m going to advise you not to do it at all.

I’m gonna outline other methods of putting people on your list on the front end. Like Quizzes, or other lead gen methods.

That’s probably going to be our first project, so you can start there. Your webinar still has a place – but probably to warmer traffic, in most cases.

I won’t write the copy for your webinar landing page because it’s not in your best interests.

And you don’t have a fantastic offer that would work even with ordinary copy.

Insecure copywriters who need the work will probably take the job on. I know, I used to be one of em.

This doesn’t make you ‘wrong’ for wanting what you want.

But do listen to the advice of pro’s and what their experience tells them will work best in your situation.

If I decline a gig, chances are it’s because I don’t think there’s enough potential for it turning into a huge success that will give me lots of royalty payments and an epic testimonial.

Here’s how you can weave a rock solid offer into your copy and into your funnel: Funnel Influence.

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