Haters Gonna Hate

As a marketer, I WANT to see 1 star reviews like this.

In fact, more of em.

Maybe not a flood LOL but a few here and there are GOOD THING.

Cause it's understandable to get triggered by a bad review like this.

After all, you put your heart and soul into a project.

You give it everything you got.

And somebody makes a public statement that it's no good.

You wasted your time.

You shoulda stayed at home.

It's a little tiny knife in your heart, stabbing at what you believe is your best work.

Acknowledge this - and move on.

If you stay pissed at comments like this for more than a few seconds, you need to understand something fundamental to success:

The further you climb up the ladder, the more your ass sticks out, and the more people are gonna take pot shots at it.

Unfortunately, human nature means that it's a lot easier for most people to take a shot at someone else, rather than admit blame for their own failures.

Cause if it ain't MY fault, that means my ego gets to stay intact, I feel good for a moment, and I get to keep all my comfy excuses and I don't have to endure any discomfort or change.

Bloody annoying and uncomfortable stuff, all this change, isn't it?

Getting feedback like this tells me that I'm doing something right.

Because if I'm not, that means I'm not trying hard enough.

Being irrelevant and unheard is far worse than getting a bad feedback or two.

Let's go deeper down the rabbit hole...

Your best stuff shouldn't try to appeal to everyone at all.

It is 100% impossible to please everybody.

So, forget that pipe dream and appeal full on to the people you want to appeal to.

And by contrast, repel the people you want to repel.

Good marketing is just as much about repelling those you don't want as customers, as it is about attracting those you do.

This is one reason why polarizing content people like Mitch Miller create is so powerful - you either love him or hate him, but those who love him, pay him very well.

You haven't really affected your market until you're starting to get this kind of "feedback".

Haters gonna hate.


Founder of funnel building company Funnelinfluence.com, Brian is Mindvalley's former senior copywriter & funnel builder, entrepreneur, published author, international speaker and the youngest looking 15 year veteran in the industry.