Travel the world & be productive

How to travel the world and be productive AF

Here’s my schedule for Q1 of 2019 only:

Jan 14: Manila, Phillippines

Jan 21: Bangkok, Thailand

Feb 7: Phuket, Thailand

Feb 11: Bangkok, Thailand

Feb 12: Pattaya, Thailand

Feb 17: Los Angeles, California

Feb 22: Phoenix, Arizona

Feb 23: San Diego, California

Feb 28: Los Angeles, California

Mar 2: Hong Kong

Mar 3: Bangkok, Thailand

March: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In the meantime, I have on my plate:

– Daily emails for clients – one of them has FOUR businesses I now write for

– Full VSL funnel package with emails, etc

– Creating a new copywriting course exclusive to a major platform

– Spend quality time with the wife

– Closing a 12-month deal to write daily emails for a big name guru

– Lead a growing team to scale new heights of awesomeness

– Grow my organic strategy to at least double what I achieved in 2018

– Scripting, filming and editing of at least 3 brand new products

The secret to maintaining your productivity through all this is actually real simple.

In fact you’re probably gonna just dismiss this as BS.

Cause it’s “too simple”.

Too good to be true.

But when you start DOING this stuff, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

How much more productive you can be despite what’s going on around you.

The key to all this is…


What you’ll allow.

Will you allow other crap to intrude like a mother-in-law at an intimate moment?

Do you tolerate unproductive stuff like Netflix or scrolling through 17 social media apps seeping in like mold into a damp room?

OR… can you brush all that aside and GET SHIT DONE.

I’m not talking about reacting to stuff happening.

I’m talking about being PROACTIVE.

Remove distractions.

Use earplugs in a cafe when you’re writing.

Make sales calls from a spare room.

Pro Tip: Start using Co-working spaces, or even rent a goddamn OFFICE.

If you are closing deals from your office, that’s an investment – and a damn good one.

If I arrive in Manila tomorrow and check into the apartment, the wife will unpack stuff, do her hair etc, while I bang out a couple of emails.

Then we’ll hit the gym with podcasts playing on stitcher.

The more you can outsource, the better – but until then, you need to get good at working in un-ideal situations and locations.

Either that or get an office in your home town and work 9-5.

There’s nothing wrong with either option.

Just choose what you don’t want, along with what you do want.

We need to know what we DON’T want, just as much as we need to know what we DO want.

Minimize and eliminate what you don’t want… and you’ll be surprised just how much time you do have for what you do want.

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