The 6 pillars of customer connection

✅ New years resolution #1: Stop shoving ANSWERS down my customer’s throats.

Because your customers don’t come to you for mere answers.

It’s not about just providing information.

If it was, then every member of a certain funnel FB group would be making good money, because anybody can compile information and present it as their own.

I mean, why do people buy $2,000 courses en masse? Why do they join $10k coaching programs? Why do they fly overseas to $25k masterminds?

To actually build a successful online business takes more than that.

➡️There’s 6 reasons why your customers are coming to you.

Why they sign up to your list.

Why they buy from you.

Why they stay on as a paying member even if they never log in to your platform.

It’s Maslow’s hjerarchy of needs, as told by Big Tony Robbins.

Basically, there’s 6 needs that all humans need to be fulfilled – the first 4 are mandatory, and the other 2 are the extra bonuses that make life better.

👉 Reason #1: Certainty. Your customers want to know they’re doing the right thing, with the right people. They want to know that what they’re doing will pay off. They must FEEL the safety of the pack.

Simple example: Social proof. It’s commonly known but usually under-utilised. Remember the original Traffic Secrets sales page? I counted 120-something testimonials even before the main body copy began.

👉 Reason #2: Variety. At the same time as we chase certainty – we also crave uncertainty. Too much certainty is boring af. And because most people live lives of quiet desperation, the need for variety in their lives is strong.

Simple example: New angles on events. If you run a marketing event every year with the same angle, you’ll continuously be chasing new customers. Look at the different angles from peeps like Mitch Miller, GKIC etc.

👉 Reason #3: Significance. This is a big one. They gotta be seen as the expert. As an authority. It’s why they line up at events for a selfie with a guru. It’s why people line up outside a Gucci store to spend more on a handbag than their last vacation.

Simple example: What’s working now to sell products at events is to include a bonus of interviewing them on your podcast as an expert.

👉 Reason #4: Connection. Starting an online biz from home can be lonely, one reason why I moved to Asia. They need to be with their tribe. With people who have similar hopes, dreams, frustrations, wants and desires.

Simple example: Create a community. Facebook groups are great for this if you have the time. Or a Slack Channel like the AdSkills Pro League.

👉 Reason #5: Growth. When you grow and improve yourself, you survive better. You feel that you’re surviving better. Your customers want to become the best version of themselves.

Simple example: You should ascend your customers up your value ladder, but present it as leveling up their skills etc, and make this real.

👉 Reason #6: Contribution. This is about the bigger picture. Helping your fellow human. Making the world a better place.

Simple example: If you have a FB group, encourage your peeps to help new members get started.

You MUST provide the first 4 on this list.

If they aren’t fulfilled with you, they will look for them elsewhere.

Many successful businesses have been built on these 4 pillars.

But when you add in the last 2 pillars of growth & contribution, that’s how you create a movement worth talking about.

Mindvalley does this brilliantly, as do some other companies, but there’s no traffic on the extra mile, so do what you can to implement these in some way.When you’re planning your 2019 and beyond, find somewhere to plug these 6 elements in. 💰

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