Why Funnels Aren’t Dead

Dear funnel eulogizers,

Funnels aren’t dead, but shitty, douchey, no-value funnels are.

Email’s not dead, but weak, boring, spammy emails are.

Webinars aren’t dead, but worthless, sales-pitch webinars are.

The funnel eulogizers have an agenda. And it ain’t one where you come out on top.

First, they want you to back off of your entrepreneurial dream.

They want that spark inside you to die down. Give up on your dreams. Live out a long life of quiet desperation.

Because it’s less competition for them.

Secondly, they want you to buy into THEIR dream. Buy THEIR products. Promote THEIR business.

Because as a quiet suburbanite 9-5’er, you might pop up again and take the food outta their mouths (At least that’s the way they see it…)

But if you’re invested into THEIR cause, you’re less likely to break from their herd.

Cause they’ve created the fear that all other ways of doing business are “dead”.

Here’s the answer: What they’re saying is ‘dead’… is probably a great place to get started.

Unless it’s in this list:

1. Broadcast fax in the US
2. Carrier pigeons
3. Chiseled stone tablets

Solution: Next time you see somebody saying ‘X is dead’, take action. Set up a sales process using that thing, and start marketing it.

Like if it’s ‘Direct Mail’ that’s supposedly dead, write a short letter, rent a relevant list of buyers, and sell em something.

All you need is the right message, to the right market, and the media you use varies – as long as it can be seen, understood and responded to by your market.

Not many media are actually ‘dead’… it’s the marketers who are dead inside, seeking to recruit you into making them rich.