3 Simple Email Hacks to Make You More Money

Just sent some feedback to a fellow copywriter on his email sequence, as part of a paid consult.

Couldn't fault the copy itself too much - just a few areas for improvement that just about anyone could boost your CTRs and revenue:

1. Use the 'Sweet Spot'

Through testing a bunch of funnels with literally hundreds of thousands of leads over the last few years alone, I've found a Sweet Spot in every email where you get more clicks - but you gotta have a damn link there!

So you want about 3-5 lines of copy max, then a link, then a related image, and then the rest of your email.

Every time I've done that... I get more clicks #scientificaf

2. Add more links!

Now there's kind of a balancing act to this - if you add too many links, the email cops could label you as spam. But almost everybody uses too few links.

There's about 4 or 5 different spots in any email where you can put a link, just don't throw them around everywhere, it looks spammy even if you don't get busted for it.

Frank Kern's emails show this as it should be done.

3. Use Open Loops.

This is advanced storytelling and a hat tip to Andre Chaperon. Basically, you start telling a story at the end of one email, and pick up where you left off in the next one. If you're not sure what this should look like - all your fav TV shows do it.

The writers at Breaking Bad were Masters Of The Open Loop.

Hope that's useful for my fellow email marketers.