Travis Sago

Today on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast, world class copywriter & marketer Travis Sago joins us to share his amazing persuasion techniques that top marketers like Frank Kern, Justin Brooke and others use to sell a TON of stuff online.

We discuss on this call:

  • How Travis sends out an offer on NOTEPAD - no fancy ass sales letters, no complicated funnels - just a freakin NOTEPAD and closes up to 60%
  • Travis's Hell Island story that makes it easy to create high converting marketing campaigns all day long
  • How copywriters can do revenue share deals that are super easy to set up, appealing to partners and insanely profitable

Travis is a true Genius Of Copywriting who has pioneered many of the high converting persuasion techniques that I and many other top copywriters use to make millions online.

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