Basic Levels Of Content

Content is the easiest part of course creation.

There’s 3 basic levels of content.

Firstly is Outsourced Content. This is the first rung of the ladder, where you might buy a PLR product (and hopefully edit it somewhat).

Or you have a team that creates content. Or you buy a license to something.

The important thing is: Don’t assume this kind of content is no good. I’ve seen great PLR products which are better than a lot of original courses I’ve bought (Yeah dude I’m lookin at YOU – but I’m no goddamn refunder lol).

And a good hire can create high standard content – lots of marketing people out there way smarter than me doing this.

The second level is Original Content.

This is what you see a lot of people doing, when you record a webinar, when you film a live presentation, when you sit down for a day, turn on the camera or screen recording software, and spill your guts.

It’s the group most people belong to – even if it’s sometimes supported by Outsourced Content.

some people think this is the ultimate type of content.

But there is another.

It’s the type of content that Original Content aspires to be.

You could call most Original Content ‘Instructional’, or ‘inspirational’, or ‘………..

The truth is: Most content aspires to be Transformational Content.

This is the most valuable type of content to create, because it’s content that’s not only useful, it inherently creates change.

It’s also by far the most difficult type of content to create.

There’s good examples of Transformational Content all around us.

Anyone who’s been to a Tony Robbins event will testify to that.

There’s 3 ways you can aim to create Transformational Content.

1: Live interaction. This is the most labor-intensive way to do it, like with FB lives in a paid group, or consults or critiques that you give away bundled with other products. It’s the easiest to perform, cuz you just sit there and do it. But this alone doesn’t guarantee it will be anything better than mere Original Content. Live events come under this as well.

2: Done-for-them. One of the all-time great product creators is Dan Kennedy, and his classic ‘Magnetic Marketing’ sold so many copies at so many events because it had all these sales letters and marketing pieces already done for you. Ironically, PLR is a low level attempt at this type of product creation.

3: Here’s the most weirdest, uncool strategy of them all: Actually SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM.

The better you do this, the better your content will be.

Most content out there is nothing more than surface level facts, shined up, new label stuck on over the old one, and presented as insightful truth bombs worthy of an instant mic drop.

The simple secret to creating world class content?

Solve their problem.


Founder of funnel building company, Brian is Mindvalley's former senior copywriter & funnel builder, entrepreneur, published author, international speaker and the youngest looking 15 year veteran in the industry.