Will this make you ditch your Email Service Provider?

When we spoke at the Poland event together earlier this year,¬†Matt Bacak said something that could make you FIRE your Email Service Provider…

He says he’s done 8000+ split tests over his career, and he even showed us the huge stack of split test results printouts. 

I’ve made it a point to insist that some kind of split testing happens with every client. I always write a bare minimum of 50 headlines for a sales page, usually 100-200.

And I like to write at least 2 subject lines for every email – but am I doing enough?

After 16 years in the game I know my markets pretty well, but that doesn’t mean I know which of two different subject lines will get higher open rates – or more importantly – which will attract more BUYERS.

The truth is… unless I’m freaking Matt Bacak, there’s always something else I could be split testing, email leads, CTAs, even layouts.

But here’s the reality: We’re almost always compromising in many areas, and split testing the P.S. in an email is often way down the list of priorities.

Of course you still want to optimize, so here’s a rule of thumb when you’re faced with 10 things to split test, and resources only for 1 or 2:

Split test something that SCREAMS rather than whispers.

You never know how much a better P.S. might affect your revenue, but in 99% of cases it’s not gonna be very much.

That’s a whisper.

But your subject line, even though Open Rate is a vanity metric, that’s something that can really affect your results, and quickly. Same with a headline or VSL opening.

Here’s the thing: As silly as it sounds to smart marketers, there are a number of ESPs that do not offer even the simplest split testing functionality.

I know some that are relatively new, and they have it on the roadmap. Some are so complex you need a supergeek to figure out how to use it.

And then some make it super easy to run split tests.

Unless your ESP is just about to roll out a split testing function – it can be worth migrating to another service. Even though that’s kind of like diving into a tub of salt mixed with razor blades, you’re still leaving money on the table if you presume that you know what will work best.

Failing that, you could segment your list into 2 halves, and send a different version to each one. It’s a manual labor hack, but it works.

The last thing to remember is to think back to Matt Bacak’s stack of split test results – if you see his Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast episode on YouTube, you can see some of The Stack for yourself.


I ain’t a process person – the other week I missed a call with Brian Kurtz because I wasn’t on top of my calendar, even though my team reminded me! lol. 

But what’s the point of getting a split test result – and not building up a knowledge base of what works and what doesn’t?

Choose your ESP wisely, and choose at least 2 subject lines.

And thank Matt for showing us the way.


Founder of funnel building company Funnelinfluence.com, Brian is Mindvalley's former senior copywriter & funnel builder, entrepreneur, published author, international speaker and the youngest looking 15 year veteran in the industry.