Copywriters: Open Loops could be costing you sales

Copywriters: ➡️ Open Loops work great in email sequences… until they start costing you SALES.

Andre Chaperon is set to release Autoresponder Madness 4.0, the course where I discovered the Open Loop.

🤔 If you dunno what one of them things is… stop reading this and go do some homework. Google knows all.

Back with me? Cool – this is important…

Because us copywriters love to use Open Loops, and especially when writing a sequence of emails. Cuz they keep the reader interested, engaged, and more likely to buy, right?

Like all really important questions… the answer is a good ol’ unpopular ‘It Depends…’

See, when we open a loop in email 1, we often wanna close that sucker in email 2, right? I mean, that’s how we keep the reader interested, and the funnel engagement high, right? ✅

And it works – this pic is from an MV doc showing the open rates and CTRs of one of the various Lead Gen funnels I created for them.

Most other charts I’ve seen, after the person got their thing in email 1 – the stats plummet from email 2 onwards.

Cause nobody ever signed up to a funnel just to be in a funnel (Except us marketing geeks of course…)

So what I managed to do was take a jaded audience and keep them interested longer.

But the truth is… that’s actually pretty pointless, by itself.

Because the aim of any particular email in your funnel ain’t to get them to read the next email… it should be to GET THEM TO BUY STUFF.

And if you’re super awesome at Open Loops… you might just cost yourself a bunch of sales, cause your peeps are all waiting for closure in the next email… instead of reading your sales letter.

👉 Here’s what ya do: Still open the loop (Andre is never wrong…) but instead of tryna get them to read email 2 – get them to read THE DAMN SALES PAGE.

Start your story off in the email, and make them click through to get the rest of it. Open the loop in the email, and close it on the sales page.

Most copywriters try to guide their prospect carefully through the process of reading their emails… when they could make a lot more money guiding them through the process of buying. 🤔


Founder of funnel building company, Brian is Mindvalley's former senior copywriter & funnel builder, entrepreneur, published author, international speaker and the youngest looking 15 year veteran in the industry.