Do people buy what they want, or what they MUST HAVE?

I couldn’t believe what was coming out of this marketing guru’s mouth.

He had it all backwards… turns out they ALL do.

And it’s costing you a LOT of money.

This afternoon I’ve been going back over some of the marketing courses I’ve compiled over the years.

And lately, I’ve noticed they all seemed to spout this same ‘advice’.

A so-called ‘marketing principle’ that’s probably held you back in your business for years, and could have cost you hundreds of thousands, even MILLIONS of dollars.

Sitting there watching this stuff, I suddenly realized…

It had cost ME a lot of money too.

I started to imagine all the money I’ve left on the table over the years because of this one ‘principle’.

All those years I had to work a day job I hated, because I took this ‘advice’ for gospel.

This bad advice is: “People buy what they want, not what they need”.

And I call BULLSHIT.

The examples they use to back this up, is always stuff about how we really only need basic food, water and shelter to survive.

But I got news for you: People who are shopping for basic survival needs are probably NOT your best target market!

99% of the people you are marketing too are lucky enough to be living at some point above basic survival.

So let’s market to them based on where they’re at.

I rate the WANT and NEED drives based on level of Desire Intensity.

And a want and a need are at very different levels on this scale.

See, we WANT stuff like a nice house, a Lambo in the garage, a successful business, changing the world, saving the whales, , all that stuff.

But for those who achieve those things, they ain’t just ‘wants’.

They’re NEEDS.

They achieve their goals like a beast of a machine, because their goals are NEEDS, they NEED to get these things and they NEED to change behaviors do whatever it takes to achieve them.

It’s human nature – people won’t take massive action just because they want something in a vague way, something that would be ‘Nice To Have’.

That’s a very low Desire Intensity.

So you sell to people who NEED your help with every fiber of their being, your conversion rates will skyrocket and your customers and clients will dive headfirst into your stuff and champion your cause.

Find people with a sky high Desire Intensity, because they’re easy to close, they stick around, and they USE what you teach.


Founder of funnel building company, Brian is Mindvalley's former senior copywriter & funnel builder, entrepreneur, published author, international speaker and the youngest looking 15 year veteran in the industry.