Posting over procrastination.

Everybody’s talking about how Zuck is cracking down on organic reach.

I don’t actually know if this is true – but there’s no doubt FB is moving fast towards a pay-to-play model.

There’s also the counter-argument that “If ur not getting engagement its coz ur content ain’t good enough”.

My question is: Why should that be a ‘counter-argument’?

Both things can and should exist at the same time.

If getting organic engagement and ROI was easy, like in the good ol’ days, why should that be an excuse to post crappy content?

More reason to create SUPER EPIC AWESOME content.

But here’s the real killer of good content: Perfectionism.

E.G. – I have a draft of a post that I was gonna post today, but I kinda fell off track because it’s not right yet.

Logically, I am trying to create the best content that I can.

But deep down, I’m procrastinating more than a stoned teenager with a list of Saturday chores.

Cause I want it to be amazing.

We all do.

Here’s the secret to getting this out there… GET IT THE FUCK OUT THERE.

All I gotta do is finish it up, post it, and see what happens.

Perhaps the gods will smile on me that day, and It’ll do well and make a bunch of people PM me to give me money.

Or it could slip quietly into the night like a ninja, never to be ‘liked’ again.

Divorce your ego from the outcome of any marketing campaign.

If something flops, that doesn’t mean you’re an idiot. The legendary Ted Nicholas told me that 8 out of 10 pieces he writes is a flop… but the other 2 more than make up for it.

I’ve posted stuff that is STILL making me 6 figures on FB, and I’ve posted stuff that hardly made a peep before disappearing forever.

Stop ‘choosing’ whether or not to post… and just POST. 😎💰


Founder of funnel building company, Brian is Mindvalley's former senior copywriter & funnel builder, entrepreneur, published author, international speaker and the youngest looking 15 year veteran in the industry.