How a BRAND gives you STATUS.

This is why even though the other ones are superior in a lot of areas… you’re still gonna buy the AirPods, right?

Cause we want to be seen walking around with those white airpods that seem to just hang there, not some dorky black ones that hook around your ear.

This is one of the big reasons why Apple is still in business today.

At the end of 2018 I bought the new Macbook Air to replace my old one.

I’ve since had it in Apple stores for checks/repairs in 3 different countries.

Had the whole thing replaced at one point.

And it’s nothing like the machine it was when new, a Zoom call that took 2 minutes to process back then, now takes double that time.

Despite the flaws, there’s still logical reasons to use Apple computers – most of them have to do with it not using Windows.

But really, when we go to a coffee shop or seminar, we want to be pulling out an Apple computer, with that bright, shiny Apple logo on display for all to see.

That’s the mistake all the other computer companies are making – focusing on their features, rather than the marketing story and brand.

Of course the features often make them a far superior computer – Windows is still the OS to use for gaming, my cooling fan goes crazy if I play a simple game for more than 5 minutes.

The attached chart is from 9to5mac .com and shows the Beats product to be better in most areas.

But while the Beats brand is a strong one, they’re no Apple.

Nobody notices that you’re wearing Powerbeats Pro 2 when you walk past.

We want them to see the silly, sexy little white AirPods.

But even companies without Apple money should be doing this.

How can you make your product sexy?

How can you create a marketing story around your product?

Trying to battle the competition on your features only leaves you bloodied and broke.

Be more sexy than the competition and you win.


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