FB outage – email still here

I can be a real slacker sometimes.

Which is probably why I do marketing… I couldn’t handle some hard labor job or having to be in an office in a suit & tie by exactly 9am sharp.

So… by the time I sat down to write this article proclaiming the all-powerful effectiveness of email vs flaky-ass social media platforms, FB was up and running again.

But the lesson is still very real.

A couple of months ago I gave a brand new talk called ‘Email Resurrection’ in Phuket Thailand, and while I gave 7 reasons why people should stick with email, I forgot one big reason…

Email rarely – if ever – goes down!

Think about what happened during this latest downtime… any traffic you’re getting from FB ads is gone.

If you’re 100% reliant on FB ads… you’re dead in the water.

And if you’re relying on FB to be there while you make sales posts, you’re out of luck.

Remember last year when I did the 30-day post sequence?

That’s been worth probably 6 figures to me so far.

What if Facebook had gone down halfway through?

Or worse… right when I was about to make my pitch?

If I had been sending out emails… no probs.

Here’s another thing…

When I interviewed James Schramko for my podcast recently, he said that he’d doubled the amount of content he was creating… and the effect was that sales had also doubled.

A big outage has to affect that revenue.

The question is… what did you do in the meantime?

I wrote emails.

Seems like a lot of people created memes about the outage.

Just remember, while social media platforms are sometimes about as reliable as a hungover teenager, email ain’t going nowhere.


Founder of funnel building company Funnelinfluence.com, Brian is Mindvalley's former senior copywriter & funnel builder, entrepreneur, published author, international speaker and the youngest looking 15 year veteran in the industry.