Goals are for losers

Did you know: Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon, was an early student of The Silva method, a meditation program that’s woo-woo af?

I probably learned my most important lesson for 2019, right at the end of December.

Been listening to Scott Adams’ autobiography “How To Fail At Everything & Still Win Big”

I wasn’t sure whether the book would just be him bitching about the corporate world, cause the Dilbert cartoon always reminds me why I ain’t never going back there.

It’s actually a good solid business book/autobiography, with well told stories of both his personal and professional life.

One of the best things I’ve picked up is this: Goals are for losers, processes are for winners.

See, having a goal you’re always working towards, kinda puts you in a permanent state of not having that goal, and constantly reminds you that you don’t have it.

Like if you have a goal of making $1M in 2020, you’ll always be in a state of not having $1M – and reminding yourself of it every single day.

While having a process that inevitably leads towards the same thing is much better. Because if you put into place PROCESSES that are likely to bring you to a point of having $1M in the bank, then you get to enjoy the process, even if you end up someplace else.

Oh yeah, that’s the key – enjoy the process.

Studying accounting and getting a job as an accountant might be a process that could give you financial security, but it takes a certain kind of superhuman nerd to actually enjoy accounting.

But because I enjoy writing copy and coming up with marketing campaigns, that’s something I can do literally every day, and be happy about it.

According to one of my fav entrepreneurs Vishen Lakhiani, Scott Adams was stuck in a corporate job, wanted to create a cartoon, but basically his life was going nowhere.

Now he doesn’t mention this in the book – but Vishen was one of the meditation teachers who took Scott through the process back in the day, and now look at him.

I’ve been through the Silva Method myself, and it’s great, but I can see why the book skips that part.

Anyway, if you’re setting goals on Jan 1st, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Use processes you enjoy, that are likely to get you to the same place.

Funny thing is – I guess I’ve been using processes all along. Why the hell else would anyone still be writing copy after 16 fricken years? lol


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