The Rise Of Copy

✅ Prediction for 2020: The big dogs already know how valuable good copy is – the rest of y’all better catch up, cuz you’re already falling behind.

This is a quote someone sent me from Gary V:

>> “The Art Of Copywriting Is About To Be Put On A Pedestal” <<

Now, I can understand him saying this – cause a big chunk of his audience wouldn’t necessarily appreciate copy where they’re at.

But you better believe this…

The YUGE content producers out there like Gary, Dan Lok, Mindvalley, Tai Lopez, they call got teams of copywriters doing social media, emails, sales pages, the lot.

Companies like Agora have a rule: he more copywriters they hire, the more money they make.

And almost all of these companies are willing to invest in big bucks for these guys – because if you have a writer who can make you a million bucks, how much would you pay to have them on your team?

If you’ve taken my Big Fish program, that’s a big tip to get in with household name clients.

Know this: The ability to write words that sell is still the highest paying skill in business.

You might not sell by long form sales letters – but copy is copy.

What an influencer says about a product on their IG is crucial.

The words a speaker utters from stage are what drive people to be inspired, to change, or to buy.

When I used to knock on doors and I had a split second to convince the resident that I was good news, not bad – I had to use copy.

Even more so with this haircut.

And I wasn’t saying “Who Else Wants To Enjoy 78% Better Fitness & Learn Self Defense In Just 28 Days”

Hypey copy has it’s place – but a lot of what you write or say will be different for different media/contexts/audiences.

Just watched a webinar with Dan Henry and it’s 10% crystal clear that FB does not like direct response advertisers. So if you can write ‘Compliant Copy’, you’re gonna be In Demand.

But Gary’s right though – the ‘Rise Of Copy’ will be counter-intuitive to those who dismiss the power of Words That Sell, and think it’s all branding, all imagery, all mystical products that somehow “sell themselves”.

Caveat: This doesn’t mean you have to sit down and learn copywriting. But at least know the basic principles, know how to spot bad copy when you see it.

Buy copywriting books & courses (hint hint) for sure – and give them to your team, get them to summarize the main points and use the info to boost their results.

Or just keep other professionals writing your copy.

But never drop the ball on this, cause it’s money in the bank. 💰


Founder of funnel building company, Brian is Mindvalley's former senior copywriter & funnel builder, entrepreneur, published author, international speaker and the youngest looking 15 year veteran in the industry.