Smart music marketing

Smart band marketing – Machine Head are as relentless with their email marketing as they are with their music.

They mail pretty much every day.

And there’s always an offer, concert tickets, merch, etc.

But whoever writes these emails knows their stuff.

Cause there’s often some good storytelling in there.

Every tour must generate a ton of stories, and some of them are G-rated enough to make it into a commercial email.

Now this: The band are selling VIP packages to their gigs.

And the scarcity is laid on thick… as it should be.

Tshirts that aren’t available anywhere else.

20 Bronze packages, 19 Gold, and only 1 Platinum.

Platinum gets you a cool guitar signed by the band, not those cheap-ass promo Jack Daniels guitars worth like $50.

And when you Add To Cart, there’s a 2-minute timer to complete your checkout, or you lose your spot.

I love all this, because band marketing can be tough.

Not because it doesn’t work – but because the average musician doesn’t know or appreciate good marketing.

They think their music should bring in hordes of fans, and if they have to ‘market’ themselves… that’s “selling out”.

That kind of attitude keeps bands broke… but not this one.

Love to hear about other bands with good marketing….


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