Bond Halbert

Today’s episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast is very special as we have with us copywriting royalty, Bond Halbert. Aside from his famous father Gary, Bond is an amazing copywriter creating huge winners for himself and his clients.

On this episode we discuss:

  • How Gary Halbert was able to write record breaking winners in multiple unrelated niches, a near impossible feat for any mere mortal writer
  • The four books you must read to become a great copywriter – and yes, one of them is the first book ever written on the subject of copy editing – The Halbert Copywriting Method Part III
  • The true path to copywriting greatness – what books to read, courses to buy, how to research, everything you need to know
  • Is hand copy of ads & sales letters still relevant? Listen to what this copywriting student did that wowed his mentor – Gary’s highest earning proteges all swear by the same technique
  • A little-known and even less-used strategy newbie copywriters can use to land high paying copy projects even if you don’t have a track record
  • The secret research strategies used by world class copywriters to create home run winners more often than anybody else
  • How top copywriters get paid the REAL big bucks with different kinds of deals which are never taught in copywriting books

Bond is one of the best teachers of copywriting around, a fun travel buddy and a genius of copywriting in his own right. This was one of the most value packed episodes to date, so check it out now.

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