Dan Ferrari

This episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast features Dan Ferrari, a world class copywriter who's mastered the art of writing high converting copy - in a systemized, reliable way.

Revealed in this episode:
- The simple way Dan expanded from being a mere freelance copywriter to owning a successful agency with clients like Agora Financial
- Dan's criteria for hiring copywriters and building a copy team so he gets top quality results at a great price
- The 'breakthrough' copywriters have when going to the next level, and how to recognize when your writer is about to have that breakthrough

If you've ever wanted to systemize your writing, grow a team of copywriters and transition from freelancer to agency owner, this is for you.

To learn more from Dan, go to FerrariMedia.com and join his list there.

And for the full podcast episode go to https://GeniusesOfCopywriting.com/dan-ferrari