Protecting the most valuable asset on earth

I ran a quick poll on FB the other day, and got some rather interesting results…

This all comes from a post in the ThriveCart FB group asking if the option to display the email addresses of referred customers to the affiliates who referred em, could be turned off.

I’m like… what? Sooooooo……… if I have affiliates promoting my stuff, they can access a list of the peeps who buy through their link.

Now, I think that’s a privacy issue, and surely the GDPR cronies are looking for this kind of stuff to whack business owners.

But here’s the real issue for me: Somebody else having access to part of my customer list.

Does this happen with other affiliate platforms like JVzoo and ClickBank?

Am I crazy?

Or have I just stumbled across a lucrative way to get paid for building a customer list?

Cause here’s the thing… people pay good money for customer lists.

They pay for prospect lists… and they pay even more for CUSTOMER lists.

Because a paying customer is worth 10 free leads, any day of the week.

So what we could do is… run ads, right… promote a product, right… make a commission on those sales to cover our ad costs, right… and then go in, download that solid gold customer list and start mailing ALL of the offers to them.


Of course, that would be douchey af and I wouldn’t even consider it.

But the results of the poll say not everyone is with me…

It’s pretty even – but I expected something like 3-32, not 18-17.

Tell me, what am I missing here?

For disclosure: I’ve made an affiliate commission here or there over the years… but never made it even a part time income.

So I’m no expert…

I just reacted when I saw the potential for others to see a list of those most valuable of assets… paying customers.

Now there are lots of cases where the affiliate is mailing their own double-opt-in, well-maintained, even a paying customer list.

So they already got the deets anyway.

But what about peeps who are using ads, SEO, and other methods to drive general traffic to my offer, should they be able to compile a list of my buyers and get paid for it?

I’m just asking questions mostly… but here’s one thing I do NOT buy:

Some are saying they need to “verify” the accuracy of the platform’s statistics.

Which is cool… we gotta get paid what we earned. And all tech platforms are inaccurate to some degree.

But how does having extra data per record, improve accuracy? The only way would be to manually double check against a list of known buyers.

This can set your affiliates minds at ease… but at what cost?

I welcome input and feedback from experienced affiliates & affiliate program owners on this.

Maybe I’m crazy, or paranoid?

The lesson is that your customer list is THE most valuable asset you have.

Not your intellectual property.

Not your images & graphics.

Not even your prospect list…

Customers are valuable above all else.

That’s the lesson.

Shift your focus away from marketing for free leads… towards marketing for paying customers.

I have accepted free leads into this tribe at times – but 90% of you reading this, you’re a paying customer.

I’m focused on bringing you – my valued customer – the best value I can bring.

Let me know what you think 🙂


Founder of funnel building company, Brian is Mindvalley's former senior copywriter & funnel builder, entrepreneur, published author, international speaker and the youngest looking 15 year veteran in the industry.