Carl Galletti

This week on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast we welcome a true legend of the game – Carl Galletti. One of the OG gurus I learnt from when I started writing copy in 2003. On today’s episode we discuss:

  • The copywriting principles to be found in classics from people like Hopkins, Webb, Ogilvy, that modern books simply can’t match
  • How a productivity secret (and an editing technique) from Jerry Seinfeld can transform your copywriting career
  • How to learn different modes of writing – copy, fiction etc – and what to study in order to master each one (This will seem super simple to many but you might kick yourself when you realize you’re not doing it already)

Carl is a long time coach who’s mentored may of today’s best copywriters all the way to the top, and the breakthroughs he shares in this episode are well worth taking notes on.

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