Chris Haddad

This week’s episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast has another very special guest: World class copywriter Chris Haddad. Chris has been at the top of the copy game for many years, and is now becoming even more famous for a women’s dating offer that’s doing hundreds of sales a day on cold traffic.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Chris’s rollercoaster ride through winning campaigns, health challenges and becoming one of the world’s top copywriters
  • How Chris came up with the all-powerful opening line of his winning offer that taps right into the heart of the reader
  • And how Chris wrote a sales letter that makes ZERO benefit promises in the first 5 or 10 minutes – the complete opposite of ‘conventional wisdom’ in copywriting but the proof is in the cash stacking up in Chris’s bank account

Chris Haddad is a master emotional storyteller and a copywriter who’s putting his own offers out there and making big profits. You would need deep pockets to get him to write your sales letter, next best thing is to take plenty of notes during this podcast.

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